Rep Searches

Independent manufacturers' representatives ("reps") in the USA commonly sell products on behalf of several non-competing manufacturers on a commission basis.

Each rep typically sells in a defined geographic area or region and has expertise in specific industries and market segments. Non - American companies who use reps can take advantage of contacts reps have with US customers - creating sales opportunities.

Help define the profile of the "ideal rep".

Conduct a rep search nationally or regionally in the USA

Send out Company information to each potential rep.

Conduct preliminary telephone screening interviews.

Set up in-depth face to face interviews with reps who work in your exact field.

Advise you how to succeed with US reps.


Amcon can help non-US companies establish a "Master Rep" office in the US. This method provides the non-US manufacturer with control over the US marketing network for a cost far lower than establishing a US subsidiary.

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