Recruiting Master Reps (Part-time Sales Managers) in the USA

Non-US companies interested in establishing a true US presence but with a lower investment than establishing a full US subsidiary can consider recruiting a “Master Rep”, essentially a part-time sales manager with experience, contacts and strong industry relationships in your exact field of activity.

The “Master Rep” in many cases can also recruit regular manufacturers’ reps in specific geographic territories, who current sell related but non-competing products. This method will allow a non-US company to quickly establish what will be perceived as a US entity, allowing US customers with the ability to interface with someone local and with whom you – the manufacturer – have an element of control.

What will a Master Rep / Part-time sales manager do?

  • Learn your products and evaluate their sales potential in the USA.
  • Advise on the easiest US sales channel for initial penetration.
  • Directly make sales calls on potential end users, distributors, re-sellers and others.
  • Participate with overseas based managers when they come to meet with key US customers.
  • When relevant, recruit manufacturers’ reps in key territories, putting “more feet on the street” for your company.
  • Participate in trade shows, conferences and other industry events.
  • Overall, act as a the US Sales and Marketing manager for your company

Amcon can assist your company in identifying, screening and recruiting Master Rep (Part-time sales manager) candidates.

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