Selling in the USA via “Reps”

Non-US companies interested in a low risk method for US market penetration can consider working with “Reps” – independent manufacturers’ agents.

What’s a rep?

In the US, independent manufacturer’s agents are often referred to as “Reps”.  Such Reps generally represent a group of manufacturers in their field (for example auto parts, electronic components, consumer electronics or aerospace), in a specific geographic area (i.e.  New York and New Jersey) on a commission only basis.  They only get paid when they make a sale.

Features and advantages of Reps:

  • They are industry specific.
  • Reps don’t cost you money unless they make a sale
  • There are different size rep agencies, from a “one man show” to agencies with 15 or 20 sales agents.
  • Reps are also a source of information on what is happening in the market
  • Since Reps cover a limited geographic area, many companies work with 20 or more rep agencies around the country

Amcon has extensive experience recruiting and assisting manufacturers in managing American rep agencies.  Contact us for a discussion about finding, recruiting or managing manufacturers’ agents in the USA.